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Top 10 reasons to hire us

1.      State and city licensed (License number 2102044743)

a.      We are licensed to do residential cement work by the state of Michigan. This is a law in Michigan; if a cement company is not licensed they are committing a misdemeanor. Make sure to ask future contractors for their license number before signing a contract with them.  

2.      Insured for your protection (Policy number WC1955663)

a.      We carry workman’s compensation for your protection for all of our employees.

3.      No down payment!

a.      We require no payment until you are 100% satisfied on all residential cement work!

4.      We use gravel base cement, not sand base cement on all driveways.

a.      Avoid washout! We use gravel base on driveways so you can avoid sand collecting at the bottom of the driveway after rain or a rough winter.

5.      We saw our cement into sections

a.      This way you can avoid weeds growing through the expansion joints in your sidewalk and driveway.

6.      Steel reinforced driveways upon request

a.      For an additional cost we can reinforce your driveway with steel mesh so it will be 50% stronger and last twice as long.

7.     High quality 6.0 bag mix used on all driveways

a.      This is the ratio between cement and gravel used in the cement mix. This strong mix allows you to drive on your new driveway just 1 week after it is poured.

8.      Cement work done in one day!

a.      Most residential cement work can be done in one day; this includes removal and replacement (depending on the weather of course). Beware of contractors that take a week or more to complete the job.

9.      We offer sealant

a.     We can seal your concrete work which waterproofs your cement and prevents water from absorbing into the concrete or damage from frost. 

10.  In business 40 years!

a.      We have 40 years of experience and owners perform the work 100% of the time. Any questions can be asked (and are encouraged) because the owner will be at the job the entire time.

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